Sercel deploys new multi-sensor streamer off Ireland

Designer and manufacturer of seismic equipment and reservoir monitoring instruments Sercel has commercially deployed its new multi-sensor solid streamer, the Sentinel MS, for the first time.

Sercel said that new streamer was operating during CGG’s large 3D multi-client survey being conducted by the vessel Geo Coral in the Southern Porcupine Basin in Ireland.

The company added that the Sentinel MS was specifically designed “to deliver multi-sensor data sets to help the industry achieve the best broadband imaging and generate more detailed and accurate images of the subsurface.”

Its technology relies on a low-noise hydrophone and two accelerometers offering directional measurements for both cross-line and vertical wave fronts. Used in combination, the hydrophone and the accelerometers meet the challenge of receiver ghost-free acquisition and add to the offer of bandwidth seismic data imaging techniques.

Pascal Rouiller, Sercel CEO, said: “We are confident that the Sentinel MS will attract increasing interest from the oil and gas industry as part of its quest to achieve greater processing efficiency and clearer imaging.”