Service Vessel ‘Umba’ Finishes Sea Trials (Russia)

Pella shipyard has completed sea trials of the multifunction complex port service vessel ‘Umba’ (project 03180) which was built for the RN Northern Fleet.

Service Vessel 'Umba' Finishes Sea Trials

One of the innovative SKPO-1000 design solutions of the project No 03180 is usage of separated washing cargo tanks that allow to transfer different types of liquid cargoes simultaneously and to make their change within a very short period of time if it needed.

The vessel is equipped with high quality equipment of the world leading manufacturers.


Bunkerage of the vessels with different types of fuel

Collection of oily content, sewage, bilge waters from vessels and floating objects

Collection of dry garbage and food waste from vessels

Buoys transportation and placement

Beaconage floating devices maintenance

Oil spill removal

Transportation of cargoes

Technical information

Length max 49,9 m

Width max 14,0 m

Draught ab. 5,0 m

Speed ab. 12,0 knots


Pella Shipyard, January 3, 2014

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