SES Unveils New Digital Flex Joint Angle Monitoring System

Stress Engineering Services (SES) has developed a digital flex joint angle measurement system for monitoring real-time drilling operations.

The digital flex joint system uses the core technology of the real-time fatigue monitoring system (RFMS) and subsea vibration data logger (SVDL) system.

SES said that the technology has been leveraged and improved to determine quasi-static and dynamic lower and upper flex joint angles in real-time. Data and power transmission are provided through the mux system, which is said to be first successful system of its kind with minimal drift.

The company believes that the enhanced level of services provided by this system during drilling operations will benefit those with a stake in identifying and managing risks and any asset deterioration due to key seating.

Kenneth Bhalla, chief technical officer, SES, said: “The digital flex joint angle monitoring system is an innovative development that diversifies our product portfolio. We are excited to offer this capability to drilling contractors so they may enhance their surveillance during drilling operations, manage risk, ensure safety and maximize uptime with a positive impact on their operating expenses.”