SgurrEnergy’s New Business to Develop Advanced Control Systems for Wind, Tidal Turbines

SgurrEnergy's New Business to Develop Advanced Control Systems for Wind, Tidal Turbines

SgurrEnergy, part of Wood Group, has invested in a control engineering technology business specialising in the development and provision of advanced control systems for wind and tidal turbines.

Formerly operating as StrathControl, and now renamed SgurrControl, the new business will retain its current staff of six and operate as a subsidiary of SgurrEnergy.

SgurrControl, under the direction of David Robb and Professor Bill Leithead, will provide specialist turbine software, know-how and consulting expertise that will enhance SgurrEnergy’s already extensive footprint across the renewable energy sector.

SgurrControl will focus on innovative commercial solutions for turbine manufacturers and wind farm owners to help the industry improve efficiency and lower the cost of energy through reliability and performance enhancements.

Their services and products will complement projects and research being carried out by SgurrEnergy in the wind measurement and analysis field with its cutting-edge wind measurement device, Galion Lidar.

SgurrEnergy’s technical director, Ian Irvine, said: “We are very pleased to announce this move which will further expand and strengthen our offering of advisory services, analysis, software and technology products to the renewable energy industry.”

“We are delighted to join forces with SgurrEnergy,” said David Robb, director of newly formed subsidiary SgurrControl. “Aligning our range of advanced control products and services with SgurrEnergy’s acknowledged position and strong reputation in the renewable energy sector, places our combined business in a unique position to lower the life cycle cost of energy production, a key objective for the renewables industry.”

SgurrControl will be based within the inovo building at the heart of the International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone (ITREZ) in Glasgow.


Press release, December 6, 2013; Image: flickr