Siemens Subsea Axes Jobs in UK and Norway

Siemens Subsea employees have been notified that the company is proposing a global business restructuring in order to adjust to current market situation.

The company said that the main reason behind its decision is the continued difficult market conditions driven by the low oil price and lower than expected customer orders.

Specifically, the proposed changes would mean that up to 52 jobs are to be put at risk in the Ulverston site and up to 6 jobs similarly affected in Aberdeen.

In addition, the proposed global restructure also affects Siemens Subsea Norway operation, where the Kongsberg facility will be closed and the workload redistributed to other Siemens Subsea sites, including to Ulverston and Aberdeen.

Siemens Subsea employs 355 people in the UK, 333 in Ulverston and 22 in Aberdeen, excluding 43 apprentices, who are not affected by the restructuring plans.

The plan is a reduction of a total of 159 employees, of which 95 in Norway. In addition to 50 positions at Kongsberg facility, locations in Trondheim and Bømlo will also be affected.

Mike Henry from Siemens Subsea, Ulverston said: “We are committed to minimising compulsory redundancies and we will invite applications for voluntary redundancy from across the Subsea business. We deeply regret the potential impact on our employees. If the proposed changes are made, we will provide support and redeployment opportunities wherever possible within the wider Siemens organisation.”

The proposed changes are expected to take place by the end of January 2017.

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