Sif buying KCI the engineers

Sif has signed a heads of agreement with Royal IHC to acquire the Netherlands-based engineering and consultancy company KCI the engineers.

The final agreement is subject to due diligence outcome and is expected in the first quarter of 2021.

Works Councils of the two parties have been informed or asked to advise on the intended acquisition.

By adding design engineering skills, Sif said it takes an important next step in its development towards an integrated total solution partner for offshore wind monopile products and services.

“In-house concept, system and detailed design engineering adds value to the total foundation solution, especially in the current environment where step-ups in turbine-sizes dominate the landscape,” said Fred van Beers, Sif CEO.

“We not only need to keep up with the pace of the supply-chain in the offshore wind industry, we also have the ambition to influence it. We are convinced the combined power of KCI and Sif forms a strong basis for the monopile solutions of the future.”

Back in 2018, Royal IHC acquired KCI from Oceanteam with the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement and ancillary documents on 15 January.