Silvermere: First Gas from Mustang Island in the Next Few Days (USA)

Silvermere First Gas from Mustang in the Next Few Days (USA)

Silvermere, the independent oil and gas company focused principally on appraisal and production opportunities in the US, has announced further progress with the tie-in of the I-1 well in its Mustang Island 818-L Field. 

The pipeline installation was completed on 10th August 2012 and the sub-sea tie-in was completed and tested on 15th August. All sub-sea valves have been opened ready for flow and the overall installation project was substantially completed on 18th August. The contractors’ installation equipment and barges were demobilized on the same day. Hook-up at the platform end is awaiting a replacement flange assembly which is expected to be installed in the next day or so. Once opened to initial flow, it is expected that it will take approximately one week to charge the pipeline with gas and condensate and for the hydrocarbons to reach the shore receiving facilities.

Andy Morrison, Chief Executive of Silvermere said: “We are pleased to note the safe and generally smooth installation operation of the platform and we look forward to seeing the first gas and condensate come ashore in the next few days”.

Press Release, August 20, 2012