Photo: The AR1500 tidal turbine deployment as part of MeyGen project (Courtesy of Simec Atlantis)

Simec Atlantis offers cue for action on UK’s tidal energy lead

Simec Atlantis Energy has welcomed the recent UK government’s commitment to green energy and offshore wind, while also reminding of the country’s world leading position in tidal energy.

The AR1500 tidal turbine deployment as part of MeyGen project (Courtesy of Simec Atlantis)

The reaction follows the announcement made by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 6 October, 2020, setting out plans to boost offshore wind development in the country as part of Build Back Greener initiative.

Aside from increasing the targets for new offshore wind capacity, the government also made available £ 160 million for infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the future offshore wind projects.

Tim Cornelius, CEO of one of the leading tidal energy companies Simec Atlantis, welcomed the Prime Minister’s focus on renewable energy and the important role it can play in growing the economy and creating jobs in the UK.

However, Cornelius reminded that the UK is not only leading in offshore wind development, but in other green energy technologies, such as tidal energy.

“While offshore wind will continue to contribute a significant part to our green growth, we must remember that the UK is also leading in other green technologies. The UK has the largest tidal project in the world and the turbines and supply chain are designed, manufactured and assembled locally.

“The industry is on the cusp of delivering scale, value for consumers and creating an industry here in the UK that is able to export UK manufactured, green technology around the world.

We look forward to working with the Prime Minister to ensure that the UK maintains its leading position and we are able to continue to keep our kettles boiling even when the wind doesn’t blow”, Cornelius said.

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Simec Atlantis is the developer of MeyGen tidal energy array. The first phase of the MeyGen project, with the installed capacity of 6 MW, has so far exported more than 33 GWh to the grid.