SKF supports Scotrenewables in SR2000 tidal project

SKF Ocean Energy has worked with Scotrenewables’ engineering team to supply a number of key components and holistic systems for the SR2000 tidal stream turbine, as well as providing a range of related engineering services.

SKF has also made a commitment to support Scotrenewables through to full commercialization of its tidal power technology.

Scotrenewables’ 550 tonne SR2000 is designed to minimize the whole lifecycle cost of electricity production from tidal energy.

The first SR2000 prototype is currently undergoing grid-connected trials at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney and will shortly be joined by Scotrenewables’ second generation SR2000 prototype, featuring enlarged 20 meter rotors and integrated energy storage, to form the floating 4MW tidal array.

Teams from SKF Marine and SKF Sealing Solutions have provided a bearing and seal unit for the SR2000. SKF’s contribution also included the design and optimization of the main shaft assembly, procurement of sub-components, precision machining, professional seal and bearing assembly as well as on-site commissioning.

Michael Baumann, Business Development Manager, Marine and Ocean Energy at SKF said: “This team effort enabled us to meet our customer’s expectations for reliability, robustness, ease of maintenance and parts replacement; it also helps us to achieve one of our own corporate goals – that of delivering sustainable energy at a competitive price.”

The scope of the SKF/Scotrenewables collaboration included the supply of an integrated rotor shaft bearing and seal assembly optimized for harsh maritime environments; a purpose-designed, high-endurance turret slew bearing; automatic lubrication systems; a condition monitoring system and various bushings and washers for the flexible mooring leg retraction system.

Scotrenewables’ CEO, Andrew Scott, said: “It’s essential to the success of the tidal sector that we have buy-in from the major supply chain companies who have the right expertise to optimize their existing technologies for this new application – and stand behind that supply. It is a tremendous reassurance for Scotrenewables to have this commitment and relationship from a supplier of SKF’s standing as we work towards commercializing our product.

The SR2000 project is supported by Scottish Enterprise’s WATERS II scheme, along with investments from Scotrenewables’ shareholders: ABB, DP Energy, Fred Olsen, Total and the Scottish Government (through its Renewable Energy Investment Fund).