Skill Session with Geert-Jan Joosten & Anne Visser

Geert Jan Joosten, Managing Partner at Career Openers; Image by Offshore Energy
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Anne Visser, Director of Operations at Navingo is joined by Geert-Jan Joosten, Managing Partner at Search & Change in a discussion on topics like the management culture, career development, and finding a job in Corona times.

The skills session also looks at the differences between different sizes of companies and their approach to adopting new technologies.

“When you do some histories in companies, you see that the strategies of mature companies are getting oriented more towards risk-aversion in accepting new technologies,” Joosten says.

“When you want to introduce new technology in a company it takes a lot of time and organization sensitivity to really change a mature company.”

Geert-Jan Joosten was also a guest at the Energy Plaza sharing views about the next generations of young professionals and their role in the energy transition.

View on Vimeo.