SodaFlexx restructures to back environmental performance of shipping sector

UK-based equipment innovator SodaFlexx International has revealed a restructuring program to support the environmental performance of the shipping sector.

Illustration; Credit: SodaFlexx

Previously, SodaFlexx consisted of several separate Dutch and UK legal entities covering its operations, manufacturing solutions and distribution. Following the evolution of the company and team expansion, the leadership team believes there is a logical and commercial benefit in bringing the different businesses together as a single concern.  

The new company will operate as SodaFlexx International in order to reflect the position of its business in sustainable maritime solutions, to distinguish the new entity from any previous trading names or historical partnerships and to provide clarity on the corporate structure. 

The move is expected to streamline operations and create a more coherent business structure based in the Netherlands.

“The rebrand reaffirms our commitment to improving the environmental performance of the shipping industry across the globe and, through reorganisation, we will provide our clients with an even better, end-to-end experience delivered through a single point,” Chief Technical Officer Sander Castel said.

“Through these changes we can better align our team and resources to drive innovation and deliver even more effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to our clients.”

The company has also announced that it has managed to succeed in filing its patent for the innovative treatment of marine sulphur emissions. The technology is now under review and patent pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

To remind, the company developed a concept to treat exhaust gas emissions from ships with sodium bicarbonate powder, also known as baking soda. 

The concept was adapted from land-based technology, where sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) powder is injected directly into the exhaust gas stream to neutralise sulphur compounds (SOx). Then, a chemical reaction occurs converting SOx to a highly stable and non-toxic salt – sodium sulphate (Na2SO4).

The UK-based company said that the salt can be released safely into the atmosphere or captured by SodaFlexx’s bespoke cyclone Particulate Capture System and recycled ashore. 

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