Sonardyne Installs Integrated Intruder Detection System on Middle-Eastern Facility

Installation of Sonardyne's Integrated Intruder Detection System Completed

Maritime security company, Sonardyne International Ltd, has successfully completed the installation of an integrated intruder detection system for an undisclosed strategic waterside installation in the Middle East.

The previously unannounced contract was awarded to Sonardyne in late 2011 and included the deployment of a network of the company’s Sentinel underwater sonars, seabed mounting systems, armoured fibre optic cabling, onshore equipment shelters and a centralised command and control system.

The contract specified for a sensitive waterside asset to be urgently protected from unauthorised access from the sea. A survey team from Sonardyne conducted a detailed site survey in order to establish the optimum location for each sonar in order to provide complete underwater domain awareness. During the installation phase of the project Sonardyne worked closely with the in-country engineering partner to ensure that all groundworks and equipment installation was completed within the very short timescales required by the end client. Final equipment commissioning, operator training and system handover was completed in April 2012.

Recognised as the best performing intruder detection sonar on the market, Sentinel has been deployed around the world to protect strategically important waterside facilities, ports and vessels. With global orders approaching 100 systems in 3 years, Sentinels are operational worldwide protecting energy infrastructure, coastal assets, vessels and strategic military assets. The system reliably detects, tracks and classifies underwater targets approaching a protected asset, providing security personnel with advanced threat warnings. The system is scalable to meet the needs of a single vessel right-through to the largest port and coastal borders.

Commenting on the decision to select Sentinel, a project manager for the facility said, “Sonardyne’s team were able to demonstrate a thorough appreciation of the engineering complexities of the seabed installation and all of the associated ancillary systems we needed. They were able to advise, plan, design, construct and implement a fully integrated professional package within a matter of months.”

Rob Balloch, Strategic Development Director for Sonardyne added, “It was the end-to-end scope that Sonardyne was able to provide for this project that made the difference. We have the operational and engineering experience to understand a client’s unique requirements and our proven performance in tough environmental conditions was a significant deciding factor in the selection of the Sentinel sonar. In very short timescales we were able to design and build customised deployment systems and infrastructure for a substantial site and complete the installation, training and system acceptance.”

The latest developments in the Sentinel family of intruder detection sonars will be on display from the 28-31 May on the UKTI Pavilion at UDT 2012 in Alicante Spain and the Waterside Security Conference (WSS 2012) in Singapore. At these events Sonardyne will also be displaying data from the new Solstice side scan sonar and Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar.

Subsea World News Staff, May 16, 2012; Image: Sonardyne International