Sri Lanka Colombo Dockyard to Launch Multipurpose Supply Vessel

Colombo Dockyard

Sri Lanka’s Colombo Dockyard, a listed ship builder, said that it is getting ready to deliver the first of a series of four Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessels for a Singaporean client.

The yard which is majority owned by Japan’s Onomichi Dockyard said that it is building four 78 meter Multipurpose Platform Supply Vessels for Greatship Global Offshore Services of Singapore. The vessel is to support offshore oil and gas fields on a twenty four hours a day basis and has an endurance of about 35 days and a cruising range of about 9200 nautical miles.

It added that “The vessel is capable of multi purpose roles such as transportation of pipes, fresh water, diesel oil, bulk cement, stores, equipment, moving men, materials between platforms and shore and also fire fighting.”

The vessel was designed by ship design firm Seatech Solutions International of Singapore in consultation with the owner and the builder, Colombo Dockyard.

The statement further said that “Over the past few years, Colombo Dockyard has accumulated a wealth of experience in building vessels for the offshore sector requirement. It is now well geared to meet any kind of requirement that may arise in the offshore oil exploration activities being carried out in the Sri Lankan waters and offer its expert assistance in marine engineering.”


Source:Lankabusinessonline,April 14,2010;