Port of Colombo: South Container Terminal Officially Opened

International Port of Colombo South Container Terminal Officially Opened22

On August 5th following the construction of the International Port of Colombo South Container Terminal Project in Colombo, Sri Lanka, an opening ceremony was held to officially open the Port for use. President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa was present at the site, as well as China Communications Construction Company’ s Assistant President, Song Hai Liang, Zhenhua Heavy Industries Deputy General Manager, Tang Qiao Liang, representatives from FHDI Engineering Company and Third Highway Engineering Company along with company leaders from Sri Lankan companies associated with the project.

The maiden voyage of the large ocean liner, “CMA CGM PEGASUS”, with a length of 363 meters and a carrying capacity of 11,400 TEU, is to date the largest container that has been anchored at the port in Colombo, therefore proving the wharf’s capability of receiving goods for import and export. It is intended that the formal operation of the port be used to contribute to future upgrade of Sri Lanka’s distribution hub and that it plays an important role in spurring development of the local economy.

The project contract amount is more than USD 300 million, with a construction period of 28 months. The project is divided into 2 phases, the first phase will begin operations in the middle of 2014, and the wharf will then become Sri Lanka’s only large container port capable of receiving and off-loading 14500 TEU. Currently, the project department has finished section B more than 4 months in advance of the contract requirements; Establishment and development works for a firm foundation for section C has begun in order to ensure the smooth continuation of the remaining construction.

CHEC, August 23, 2013