Statoil awards $323M emergency response contracts to four vessels

Norwegian oil major Statoil has awarded contracts for four emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs) worth NOK 2.7 billion ($323 million), including options.

Statoil said on Monday that the contracts would run for seven years, with five one-year extension options.

The vessels will act as a part of an area-wide emergency response fleet on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). They will play a role in addressing government authorities’ and the company’s requirements for rescue, hospital, fire-fighting, emergency towing, and oil spill preparedness.

Three of the four chartered EERVs, the Stril Poseidon, Stril Merkur and Stril Herkules, belong to Simon Møkster Shipping while the fourth, the Havila Troll, is owned by Havila Shipping.

Philippe F. Mathieu, Statoil’s senior vice president for joint operations support, said: “Statoil has an extensive emergency preparedness system on the NCS, and through these contracts, we have secured four vessels that are tailored to our waters. I look forward to continuing our long-standing and good partnership with Simon Møkster Shipping and Havila Shipping.”

Statoil has a total of six ERRV vessels on the NCS and one vessel which is currently being upgraded to an adequate relief vessel.

The vessels will cover emergency response services on the NCS together with the 24-hour operations center at Sandsli. Also, Statoil has five operative SAR helicopters on the NCS.

“Safety and emergency preparedness are top priorities in our operations. Through the new contracts, we are well prepared for important emergency response tasks on the NCS in the years to come,” added Mathieu.

The area emergency response vessels are fitted with two MOB boats, fire-fighting equipment, minimum 110-tonne towing capacity and an emergency hospital. Also, the vessels carry oil spill response equipment such as oil booms and skimmers, and storage capacity for oil spill clean-up under NOFO requirements. The vessels also have a stern lifeboat recovery system and a helipad.

All contracted vessels have been performing similar tasks for Statoil for many years. The Stril Poseidon, Stril Herkules, and Stril Merkur have been with the Norwegian oil company since 2003, 2005 and 2011 respectively while the Havila Troll has been working for Statoil since it was put in operation in 2003.