Statoil increases equipment reliability with GE’s software

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Statoil embraces predictive analytics for condition monitoring of heavy rotating equipment. Comprehensive solution provides early warning of impending failure, and deep insight into overall equipment health.

Statoil increases equipment reliability with GE's software

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced that Statoil has chosen GE’s Proficy® SmartSignal predictive-diagnostic software and services from GE’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center to improve the uptime and increase the reliability of heavy rotating equipment such as gas turbines, generators and compressors.

In considering Proficy SmartSignal, Statoil was looking for a solution with a proven track record that demonstrated timely payback while ensuring consistent implementation quality. As a result of a competitive proposal process Statoil chose GE Intelligent Platforms’ Proficy SmartSignal solution, with a strong focus on the technical solution as well as the commercial aspects. GE completed the rollout and “go live” of the 50 equipment items in the initial phase in a little more than eight weeks.

The company intends to implement GE’s software as part of its ‘Condition Monitoring Predictive Analytics’ solution, initially for its offshore fleet. They are currently considering expansion of the solution to onshore and across its other regional business units.

“With Statoil’s fleet of gas turbines and its large Bently Nevada installation, adding Proficy SmartSignal provides the greatest value solution for providing the foresight to help Statoil move towards becoming a fully proactive organization,” said Brian Courtney, General Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms’ Industrial Data Intelligence business. “The Industrial-PRC is staffed with oil & gas experts, which provides low risk and high value to Statoil by ensuring the proper adoption of the SmartSignal solution.”

Proficy SmartSignal matched well with existing work processes and software tools used by Statoil’s Condition Monitoring Centre.

Proficy SmartSignal predictive-diagnostic software identifies equipment problems and helps avoid unexpected shutdowns. The software identifies developing faults utilizing exception-based, prioritized, ‘apparent cause’ diagnostics. This monitoring and diagnostic capability runs, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. GE’s Industrial-PRC monitors more than 50 sites and 4,000 high-valued assets worldwide processing terabytes of data to predict equipment failures.


Press Release, February 18, 2014



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