Statoil: Oil Spills in the North Sea

Norwegian oil and gas major Statoil has reported that an undetermined amount of oil leaked into the North Sea this morning during tanker loading operations at the Statfjord A platform.

The oil spill was observed in the sea close to the OLS B loading buoy, while the tanker “Hilda Knutsen” was being loaded.

The OLS B loading buoy is positioned between the Statfjord A and the Statfjord B platform.

Loading to the tanker has stopped and supply to the pipe and loading system from Statfjord A has been closed, Statoil says. Production at Statfjord A is operating normally.

The leak is located in a flange in the loading hose.

The stand-by vessel with oil spill response equipment and the anchor handling vessel, equipped with a ROV, are at the location. A SAR helicopter is also assisting with monitoring the spill.

Statoil has also notified relevant authorities.