Stavanger: Sevan Marine*s Arne Smedal Wins the ONS 2010 Special Innovation Award

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At the offshore conference (‘ONS’) in Stavanger on August, 25, 2010, Arne Smedal was awarded the ONS 2010 Special Innovation Award.

The ONS award committee stated: ‘This year the award goes to Arne Smedal, founder and Board Chair at Sevan Marine ASA for his excellent research-based innovative work over many years.

Arne Smedal has been instrumental in the development of two major innovations of major importance to the petroleum sector. These are;

* The APL Loading Buoy System


* The Sevan Marine Circular Floater Concept

Arne Smedal’s innovations are based on research and technological development carried out in close cooperation between the research community and the industry, many of which have subsequently been successfully introduced to the market.

The resulting enterprises have been based on Smedal’s business awareness and good leadership and have grown from small entities to large and sound companies based in Norway, but with sales and subsidiaries abroad.


Source: SevanMarine, August 26, 2010:

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