StingRAY obtains DNV GL certification

StingRAY WEC (Photo: Columbia Power Technologies)
StingRAY WEC (Photo: Columbia Power Technologies)

Columbia Power Technologies’ StingRAY wave energy converter has been backed by the certification body for renewable energy services DNV GL.

The US-based wave energy developer’s StingRAY has received a ‘Statement of Feasibility’ from DNV GL following the completion of full technology risk assessment and agreeing the actions to mitigate potential risks.

DNV GL will continue to work with Columbia Power Technologies to review and approve design documents, before the device enters the fabrication stage.

This includes manufacturing quality and equipment testing and surveillance of the installation and commissioning. The final Prototype Certification of the StingRAY technology will follow the successful close out of the actions agreed during the Statement of Feasibility stage, DNV GL’s press release reads.

Reenst Lesemann, Columbia Power Technologies CEO, said: “Our team found the certification process rigorous, but extremely beneficial towards ensuring that we have a firm understanding of the risk management requirements and processes. We are also appreciative of the support from the US DOE and US Navy in reaching this advanced stage in our commercialisation plan.”

Columbia Power Technologies will now proceed to test StingRAY’s power take-off system at National Wind Technology Center in Colorado before the scheduled deployment off Hawaii.

The company plans to deploy StingRAY at the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site (WETS), off Hawaii, this year. The device is expected to stay at WETS for a minimum of 12 months.

StingRAY wave power system uses the floats and spar that independently react to the shape of the passing ocean waves.

Each float is directly coupled by a drive shaft to its own rotary generator. As each float rotates, so does its generator, which produces electricity.

The system is designed for deployment in water depths of over 60 m, and arrayed in wave energy farms.

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