Stonehenge gets approval for 30 Protean WECs off WA

Stonehenge Metals Limited has received a formal approval to deploy 30 Protean™ Wave Energy Converter (WEC) buoys within the waters controlled by Bunbury Port off the coast of Western Australia.

These 30 Protean™ devices represent the company’s implementation of a demonstration wave farm and signifies the next stage in Stonehenge’s early commercialisation strategy.

The company remains focused on proving the commercial applicability of the technology through local, national and international collaborations with both existing and new supporters of the Protean™ WEC system.

Stonehenge MD, Bruce Lane said: “The approval to deploy 30 Protean™ wave energy converters at Bunbury Port is a significant milestone in the early commercialisation strategy of the Protean™ technology. We believe the waters off Bunbury Port to be optimal for this next phase of development and will move us closer to our goal of early commercialisation of the Protean™ wave energy converter.”

Image: Stonehenge