Strike still affecting Petrobras’ oil output

The two weeks long oil workers’ strike in Brazil has yet to end, after Petrobras announced that the unions are considering a proposal made by the company.

To remind, the strike started over Petrobras’ plans to cut investments and sell billions of dollars worth of assets in order to reduce its mounting debt. The unions have claimed that thousands of jobs will be affected, and have asked for a reversal of Petrobras’ plans.

According to Reuters, the national oil workers’ union FUP on Friday recommended its workers to accept the offer by Petrobras. Petrobras on Tuesday said that so far, 10 of the 17 unions have approved the proposal and the strike is set to end in these regions. Also, FUP said that meetings will be held with Petrobras regarding the compensation for the days workers were on strike.

Nevertheless, demonstrations continue at some plants, the oil company added. While the workers are on strike, Petrobras has deployed its contingency teams to maintain oil production.

Petrobras claims that since November 9, the impact on oil output has evened off at around 100,000 barrels per day, amounting to some 5% of total production in Brazil. Natural gas production has fallen by 1.5 million cubic meters a day, or 3% of market availability, Petrobras added. However, the unions claim, Reuters reports, that the production has been reduced by 400.000 barrels of oil per day.

“Despite the effect on Brazil’s oil and gas production, market supplies are not being affected. Throughout this period, Petrobras has taken all appropriate legal measures to continue operating normally, maintain production facilities and ensure a safe working environment for its staff,” Petrobras said on Tuesday.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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