STX Finland Opts for MacArtney CORMAC 5 Winch

STX Finland Opts for MacArtney CORMAC 5 Winch

MacArtney has recently delivered a customised CORMAC 5 stainless steel electrical winch coupled with an EdgeTech 4200 Side Scan Sonar system to STX Finland.

Back in December 2011, STX Finland and the Finnish Border Guard signed an agreement on the construction of a next generation offshore patrol vessel. The vessel, which was recently named ‘Turva’ at a festive naming and launching ceremony, is built at the STX Rauma Shipyard and is handed over to the customer in the end of 2013.

The highly advanced vessel is 96 metres long and 17 metres wide and will be capable of serving a large variety of functions and purposes. The main duty of the offshore patrol vessel is to operate in open sea patrol. In addition to ensuring border safety and serving defense purposes, the vessel will be used for other functions such as prevention of environmental damage, search and rescue, and different underwater assignments – often performed under rough maritime conditions.

For several of these functions and purposes, the vessel is dependent on the effective deployment of leading edge sonar technology. To effectively handle vessel sonar deployment, STX Finland has selected a latest generation state-of-the-art MacArtney CORMAC 5 winch, which was acquired by STX Rauma Shipyard through long standing Finnish MacArtney representative, Arwell-Tekniikka Oy.

Primarily, the winch will be deployed to launch and recover a versatile and reliable EdgeTech 4200 Side Scan Sonar system that can be configured for almost any survey application from shallow to deep water. The EdgeTech 4200 can be used for missions ranging from cable and pipeline surveys and channel conditioning/clearance surveys to geohazard, geological and geophysical surveys. EdgeTech’s dual simultaneous frequency system operating with its proprietary Full Spectrum® CHIRP Processing provides the best in both short and long range resolutions through improved signal-to-noise ratios and provides successful results in even the most challenging environments.



Press Release, October 15, 2013

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