SubC Joins Forces with OceanGate for Titanic Survey

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OceanGate and SubC Imaging have formed a strategic alliance to capture the 4K images of the RMS Titanic shipwreck and debris field.

SubC Imaging cameras and lights will be installed on OceanGate’s Cyclops 2, the first manned submersible to survey the Titanic since 2005.

The six-week Titanic Survey Expedition will depart from St. John’s, Newfoundland in June 2018 with scientists, content experts, and mission specialists joining the crew in a series of week-long

The 4K images and videos will be used in tandem with laser and sonar scans to create a virtual 3D model of the wreck. This model will serve as an objective baseline to assess the decay of the wreck over time and help to document and preserve its submerged history.

SubC Imaging has pioneered the way subsea images are collected and we couldn’t be happier about this alliance as we embark on our survey expedition”, said Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate.

Documenting the debris field and creating a nearly lifelike digital model without disrupting the habitat or any artifacts is of top priority to the OceanGate crew, the company said.

We recognize that the entire site is a memorial and we undertake our expedition with great respect for those who died in the sinking,” said Rush.

The expedition is to be conducted in accordance with NOAA and UNESCO guidelines for the preservation of underwater world heritage sites.

Ron Collier, VP of Business Development, SubC Imaging, said: “The opportunity to work with OceanGate on this expedition fits perfectly with our goal of revolutionizing the way subsea imaging is conducted.”

As part of the agreement, Cyclops 2 will carry one Rayfin 4K camera, one 1Cam MK6, Aquorea LED lights, and digital video recording and overlay media management software.

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