SubSeaSail unmanned semi-submersible vessel

SubSeaSail, BlueZone pen distributor deal

San Diego-based unmanned semi-submersible vessels manufacturer SubSeaSail has appointed Australian-based BlueZone Group as its exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Courtesy: SubSeaSail

SubSeaSail unmanned semi-submersible vessels are wind-propelled and solar powered.

The vessels have multiple patents including a sailing vessel with the hull below the waterline and a passive wingsail control mechanism that provides autonomous management of the sail without any lines, pulleys, or electronics.

This results in a design with low drag/wake and minimal detection (acoustic, IR, radar, visual) signature.

Designed for long duration and persistent missions, a servo is the only electro-mechanical device it needs to sail.

SubSeaSail is integrating 3rd party sensors and – to complement its ultra-quiet platforms – will also develop unique sensors.

It has also filed a Provisional Patent on a Reconfigurable, Rigid Passive Acoustic Array that will enable acoustic detection of targets including marine mammals and vessels at an unprecedented price point.

The combination of SSS vessel and sensors at a disruptive price will allow ocean observation in more locations and in ways including fleets and swarms not previously possible.

BlueZone has over twenty years experience in providing specialized support for autonomous and remotely operated maritime vehicles.

In addition, to offering underwater technology BlueZone “services what they sell” with workshops in Newcastle and Perth

BlueZone CTO, Darren Burrowes, said: “SubSeaSail technology is a game-changer in terms of engineering simplicity and this is extremely important for applications in Australia’s harsh maritime environment.

“Uncrewed surface vessels developed by SubSeaSail have the capability to provide wide-area and persistent sensing of Australia’s maritime area of interest which are among the largest in the world.”