Survey Equipment Services to Rent WFS Products Focusing on GoM Area

WFS Technologies Ltd has announced a partnership agreement with Survey Equipment Services Inc. (SES) of Houston to provide rental services of WFS products in the US market with the main focus on the Gulf of Mexico.

Survey Equipment Services to Rent WFS Products Focusing on GoM Area
Seatooth 100

This collaboration between the two companies is a great opportunity to combine the local expertise and service capability of Survey Equipment Services with WFS’s innovative subsea wireless products. With shared objective of providing subsea solutions to Oil and Gas companies across the United States, SES and WFS have joined forces to help customers perform subsea project safely and efficiently.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with Survey Equipment Services,” said Ian Crowther, Executive VP for WFS Technologies. “Partnering with companies that share our commitment to introducing innovative and cost-effective solutions is core to our strategy, and in SES we have a partner that will help deliver solutions and service support to a growing customer base in the USA”.

SES has invested in the Seatooth® PTZ Video, Seatooth® S100 and Seatooth® WiPS Systems with the intention of adding other WFS products in the near future for both rental and demonstration purposes.

Seatooth® Video is a subsea wireless video camera and is the perfect tool to be applied in monitoring subsea deployment, intervention and recovery, in monitoring complex maintenance, repair and decommissioning projects, and in ROV pilot training. The camera can deployed in depths of 10,000ft, and is capable of providing wireless video streaming at a range of up to 15ft. It provides a second perspective on complex tasks, and helps ensure that operations are completed ‘right first time’. The Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) version enables wide area coverage and the ability to zoom in on details.

Seatooth® S100 is a mobile, compact, low power, wireless modem, data logger, multiplexer and controller. It supports a variety of shallow and deep water applications, providing a robust wireless communication link up to 15ft in the most challenging deep water conditions. Seatooth® S100 is equipped with standard data communication interfaces, making it well-suited to sensor and underwater vehicle applications. It can be deployed swiftly on temporary or permanent installations to support a range of offshore survey applications.

Seatooth® WiPS is an integrated high-accuracy wireless pressure sensor, datalogger and easy-view LED display combined in one system. Fully user configurable and with up to 6 months (400,000 readings) of data storage, WiPS can measure pressures up to 20,000 psi at depths of up to 4,000m making it ideal for asset integrity and offshore survey applications. Two additional inputs are available to accommodate extra sensors, expanding the system parameters for SCADA applications. Seatooth® WiPS provides real-time data which can be frequently retrieved by ROV, with no hard-wired connection, and no need to physically retrieve module – making it a fast and reliable method of data recovery.

In conjunction with CA Richards & Associates (WFS Sales Agent for the US GOM) SES will also assist in providing 24/7 Technical Support and Training to new and existing WFS clients in the United States.

Alan Craig, Vice President of SES, commented, “The solutions made available by this partnership are a significant development for offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. We are very proud to be working with WFS and helping our customers deploy new wireless technologies on their subsea projects.”

Press Release, June 13, 2014