Swansea Dredging Project Available for Comments

The Town of Swansea is seeking a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District to conduct work in waters of the U.S. in conjunction with dredging in Swansea, Mass.

Dredging is proposed in the Cole River and Mount Hope Bay in the waters adjacent to Ocean Grove Avenue at 458 Ocean Grove Avenue in Swansea with the dredged material to be used for beach nourishment.

According to the Corps, the proposed work includes the maintenance dredging of approximately 5,950 cubic yards of sandy material by hydraulic means from a 5.69 acre area of the Cole River channel.

The proposed project also includes hydraulic dredging of two new areas for the purpose of navigational improvements and sand mining in order to supplement beach nourishment at the Town Beach.

This means dredging of the eastern shoal adjacent to the channel in Mount Hope Bay in order to mine sand for beach nourishment. Approximately 9,610 cubic yards of sandy material will be dredged from an approximately 2.65 acre area with varying depths, and dredging of the eastern shoal adjacent to the boat ramp within the Cole River.

Approximately 18,260 cubic yards of sandy material will be placed on 4.2 acres of the Town Beach as beach nourishment and approximately 100 cubic yards of material will be placed over a 3,000 square foot area in order to complete the dune restoration.

Deadline on sending public comments on the proposed work is June 14, 2018.