Swedish Energy Agency grants €2 mln for HiWave

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted €2 million to Corpower Ocean to test its wave energy technology that works on the principles of human heart off Scotland.

Corpower will build a new prototype wave power plant and install it in the sea off Scotland, Swedish Energy Agency’s press release reads.

Corpower’s HiWave wave energy converters have power take-off (PTO) design that combines the high load capabilities from hydraulics with the efficiency of mechanical drive.

Its buoys oscillate in resonance with incoming waves absorbing wave’s power.

The device uses phase control technology which amplifies the waves motion, thus amplifying power capture, which is then converted to electricity.

Patrik Möller, CEO of Corpower Ocean, said: “The Swedish Energy Agency’s commitment is crucial to our continued development of commercially viable wave power.

“Our goal is to test the wave power plants in the sea off the coast of Scotland and show the same performance as in the previous scale trials in Portugal and France. If the project reaches the set goals, it will mark a major step forward for wave power.”

This new investment is an addition to €4 million already invested by KIC InnoEnergy and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Rémy Kollesar, Head of Research and Innovation Department at the Swedish Energy Agency, said: “The decision is part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s investment in marine energy. Sweden has strong research and new innovative companies, which opens up opportunities for the Swedish export industry in this area.”

CorpowerOcean was founded in 2009 in Sweden, and its HiWave WEC is part of a larger collaboration with KIC InnoEnergy, the Spanish energy company Iberdrola and the Portuguese Research Institute WavEC Offshore Renewables.

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Image: KIC InnoEnergy

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