Swire Bulk takes delivery of eco-friendly, log-fitted bulker

Swire Bulk, a bulk division of Singapore-based The China Navigation Company, has taken delivery of its new, log-fitted bulk carrier.

Image Courtesy: The China Navigation Co. Pte. Ltd

The 44,150 cbm Singan is traded worldwide with a strong focus on the logs trade in the Pacific and South Atlantic.

The vessel was named at the Hakodate Dock’s shipyard in Hakodate, Japan. The Handy bulker embarked on its maiden voyage at the end of April for Busan.

Specifically, the newbuild is designed for optimal speed and consumption at 12.5 knots in the laden condition. The eco-efficiency additions of the rudder bulb, wake fin and pre-swirl will improve vessel hull efficiency, according to Rob Aarvold, General Manager at Swire Bulk.

As explained, log carriage requires a high level of structural stability, which MV Singan offers. The vessel is also installed with the latest solid state radar equipment which is integrated with an electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS). This ensures compliance with the latest and future requirements and for system updates to be managed easily.

MV Singan is the first ship delivered in a wider orderbook of ten bulk vessels to be built in Japan. The remaining vessels are scheduled for delivery by the end of 2021.

“Swire Bulk’s newbuilding programme will enable us to strategically deliver the largest and most eco-friendly fleet trading in the market. We remain committed to delivering … innovative and sustainable shipping solutions to our customers with our modern eco-designed vessels,” Aarvold commented.

MV Sungkiang, MV Singan’s sister vessel, is being built at the same shipyard scheduled for delivery in June 2020.

“Having these log-fitted newbuildings on water would strengthen Swire Bulk’s position in the log market,” Aarvold added.

Singan is the third vessel in a series of eighteen ships built to transport soya bean, bean oil and beancake between Chinese ports.