Tallink to Make Silja Europa More Eco Friendly

Tallink Grupp’s vessel Silja Europa will set sail to Turku Repair Yard in Naantali, Finland, on January 26, for scheduled maintenance and planned renewal works that would make the ship more environmentally friendly.

Image Courtesy: Tallink/Sami Pitkanen

The 1993-built vessel will stay in Turku Repair Yard for two weeks, returning to the Tallinn-Helsinki route on February 9.

During the scheduled docking, the vessel will undergo considerable renovation of several key passenger areas.

On the technical side – like all Tallink’s vessels undergoing scheduled dockings in 2020 – preparations will be made to the vessel for the use of high-voltage shore connection during its port stays. Other important technical improvements to the vessel will include the installation of the ballast water treatment system to better address the environmental challenges of shipping and enhance the protection of the local marine environment.

As part of the planned maintenance works, the vessel’s provision cooling system as well as the ship’s automation and power management systems will be replaced.

Commenting on the Silja Europa planned works, captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Tallink Grupp’s Head of Ship Management, said: „Silja Europa is the largest cruise ferry operating on the Baltic Sea and is very popular among our customers for both regular day cruises as well as special cruises offered over the spring and summer period. Therefore, it is very important that we regularly modernise the vessel.”

„Increased energy efficiency and reduction of emissions are a top priority for Tallink fleet. Silja Europa will return to the route fully ready for the high season, (and) will have the latest technology on board.”

Silja Europa is the fourth Tallink Grupp’s vessel to go to dock in the first quarter of 2020.

Tallink implements a continuous ship renovation program, updating and refreshing all of its ships during a five-year period. In the last five years alone, the company has invested nearly EUR 90 million (USD 99.4 million) into upgrading its vessels.

Last week, Tallink Grupp adopted a group-wide corporate social responsibility strategy and initial sustainable operations goals. According to the new CSR strategy, the company will focus its sustainability efforts and activities on four large areas: Looking after Climate, Looking after the Sea, Looking after Resources and Looking after People. Under each of the larger focus areas, the company will have more specific activities and targets, such as the reduction of emissions, reduction of the use of plastics and others.

Referring to the strategy and goals, Paavo Nõgene, CEO of Tallink Grupp, said:

“We have just entered the decisive decade of action for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The IMO’s official world maritime theme for the year 2020 is also ‘Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet’, so there is an increased focus on CSR issues all around us.”

“There is no time to waste if we want to make a tangible difference and it is up to every single one of us – as individuals and as companies and organisations – to take practical steps to achieve the positive impact necessary.”

Tallink Grupp currently owns 14 vessels and operates seven ferry routes under the brand names of Tallink and Silja Line.