Tankerska Next Generation Finds Work for Two Eco Ships

  • Business & Finance

Croatian joint stock shipping company Tankerska Next Generation (TNG) has secured new time charter contracts for two of its eco-class product tankers.

On May 17, TNG said it agreed a 6 to 12-month time charter employment for one unidentified eco tanker.

The ship will be chartered out to an unnamed charterer at around USD 17,000 par day under regular market terms.

What is more, TNG secured an additional 6-month time charter for another eco-class tanker on May 24.

As informed, the vessel will be chartered out to a US charterer at approximately USD 17,100 per day.

The time charter will commence immediately and the charterer has an option to extend the contract for up to 12 months.

“The negotiated conditions are thoroughly in line with the company’s strategic concept that focuses on the efforts to secure a strong asset base and stable cash flow,” TNG said.

“In doing so, TNG minimizes the risk of its business operations, by means of balancing the employment of the fleet on voyage charter while still laying emphasis on time charter contracts,” the company added.