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Team Tankers in Fleet Management Deals with Maersk Tankers, V.Group

Danish Maersk Tankers has entered into a deal with chemical tanker owner and operator Team Tankers International to take over the commercial management of its 27 tankers and establish two new pools.

Image Courtesy: PxHere under CC Public Domain License

For Maersk Tankers the agreement will increase its fleet under management to more than 225 vessels across a range of different segments, cementing its position in the Medium-Range (MR) segment, where it manages a pool jointly with Cargill.

Out of the 27 tankers, nine are 13,000-tonners, four are Flexis (25,000 DWT) and 14 are MR tankers (46-49,000 DWT).

On the other hand, Team Tankers will gain access to Maersk Tankers’ digital approach to commercial management, with its strong emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions and improving partner returns.

It is planned for the employees within Operations, Chartering and Bunker Management to transfer from Team Tankers to Maersk Tankers’ offices in Copenhagen, Houston, and Singapore.

“The cooperation is a further step towards building scale for our tanker fleet,” says Hans Feringa, President & CEO at Team Tankers International.

“We believe the timing of the cooperation is good as the medium and longer-term outlook for the product and chemical tanker market is positive, and the order book is at a historically low level.”

The cooperation is set to start on April 1, 2020, and the vessels are planned to enter the pool during the following months.

Separately, Team Tankers announced a new joint venture with ship management specialist V.Group.

The company already has 21 ships with V.Group for technical management.

Namely, Team plans to transfer its in-house managed fleet, consisting of ten MRs and two 25k coated vessels, to the JV, along with its onshore technical organization and seafaring expertise.

Under the terms of the agreement, Team will own 30% and V.Group 70% of the JV, Dania Ship Management AS Denmark, which will continue to be based in Copenhagen.

“Team will have access to the groundbreaking IT system ShipSure developed by V.Group that will enhance safety and efficiency, and the JV will also provide procurement advantages to Team from the scale of V.Group,” Team Tankers said.

“The JV will ensure full and seamless continuity of management for Team both ashore and on board our ships with the same staff, officers and crew whilst promoting uniformity of management within Team’s fleet.”

The start date for the joint venture is also April 1st, 2020.