TECADE to build flotation tanks for Mariner project

Spain’s TECADE will be responsible for the construction of flotation tanks for an oil platform in the North Sea.

TECADE to build flotation tanks for MARINER projectThe project consists of two sets of floatation tanks in letter H, for the positioning of the jacket of the Mariner project in the UK sector of the North Sea.

Each set consists of 4 subsets. This floatation tanks are equipped with a hydraulic system that allows it to carry the platform to the seabed and subsequently facilitate emptying thereof.

TECADE is responsible for all transportation, engineering, operations and elements necessary for the manufacture and delivery of this complex manufacturing offshore project that requires a large scale. The manufacture and assembly will take place in TECADE YARD facilities, located in the port of Seville. Transportation is done directly by ship from TECADE facilities to customer premises.


Press Release, April 16, 2014

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