Technomar to use RINACube to collect data on its environmental performance

Technomar Shipping has signed a contract with Italian certification and engineering company RINA for software licenses to employ the RINACube MRV-DCS-CII Data Collection and Reporting platform across 105 of its vessels.

RINACube MRV-DCS-CII web application will be used on board each ship to collect the data required by EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations.

Using the data collected, the software enables calculation and information pertaining to the current CII rating of the ships and a projection of the CII rating over the coming years.

Technomar plans to use the information to foresee any potential issues and take timely corrective actions to maintain compliance with new environmental regulations.

“Decarbonization of our fleet is a top priority. With RINA’s digital tools we will gather the information we need to finetune vessel performance, improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, ensure compliance with evolving environmental regulations and drive strategic decision-making,” Theodore Baltatzis, Managing Director of Technomar Shipping, said.

Going forward, timely and accurate data will be key to supporting the collaboration between shipowners and charterers that will be necessary to successfully optimize ships’ operating profiles and CII ratings”.

As a web-based application, the software will provide access to data to onshore and onboard personnel and will present information about vessels’ CII rating.

“We are very happy to have been awarded this contract with Technomar for its whole fleet. Supporting the shipping industry to achieve its decarbonization targets is a top priority for RINA,” Spyros Zolotas, RINA Marine Southern Europe & Africa Area Senior Director, added. 

Although we are involved in many projects to develop technology and new fuels to reach net zero, our digital tools provide a highly effective way to drive ship performance and efficiency, thereby reducing emissions today”.