Teekay: MEGI engine installed on Creole Spirit

Teekay said the M-type, Electronically Controlled, Gas Injection (MEGI) engine was recently installed on the Creole Spirit LNG carrier.

This follows the keel laying ceremony which was held on March 4 for Teekay’s first of nine LNG vessels powered by MEGI twin engines.

The newbuildings are currently under construction by DSME of South Korea and are scheduled to be delivered in 2016 on a charter contract with LNG player Cheniere.


The heart of the MEGI engine consists of the Burckhardt Compressor and the Partial Reliquefaction System. The compressor will take the boil off gas from the cargo tanks and compress it to 300 bar for direct injection into the MEGI engine.The Partial Reliquefaction will take any of the excess gas not used by the engine and return it to a liquid state to put back into the cargo tank by dropping the excess gas pressure from 300 bar to 3 bar in a pair of Joule Thomson Valves.


Image: Teekay

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