TGS returns to Argentina to wrap up Malvinas seismic survey

TGS will return to Argentina, where it operates as NOPEC Geophysical, to complete the previously announced Malvinas 3D multi-client survey.


The survey covers an area of 17,800 square kilometre.

Acquisition is set to resume in Q4 2020 on the highly- funded survey and will continue to grow the 3D library in a prospective basin that saw industry investment following the first offshore round in 2019.

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, said, “We are pleased to be given the opportunity to complete the Malvinas Basin 3D survey and add to our growing Argentina and South Atlantic library. The first offshore Argentina bid round showed great promise, and we look forward to continuing to play a dynamic role in this region.”

This project is supported by industry funding.