Thales Unveils Counter-Piracy Service Solution

Thales Unveils Counter-Piracy System

Global developer of security systems Thales has chosen Euronaval 2014 to introduce Pastor – a service solution to protect vessels against piracy. Primarily designed for shipping companies, this services solution is based on a combination of early warning, prevention and deterrence systems.

Pastor comprises detection (radar) and identification (gyrostabilised optronic system) functions to provide the vessel’s security officer or onboard protection team with early warning of any potential piracy threat. It includes a searchlight to act as a deterrent and ward off attackers. The solution includes intuitive data management software which automatically issues alerts and provides the relevant authorities with information about an attack. An automated digital radio system enables vessels in the vicinity to identify each other.

A dynamic map of the threat situation can be compiled based on the data gathered by the various radar, optronic and identification systems deployed in the area.

“Pastor is specially designed to detect and identify the small, fast craft typically used by pirates while they are still a long way off, allowing to rapidly implement the most appropriate response measures.It supports the continued growth and development of the shipping industry by improving crew safety and reducing the costs associated with piracy,” said Gérard Herby, Thales Vice President Services for the Secure Communication and Information Systems business.

The company has also recently unveiled Thales SeeMapper, a turnkey system designed to protect shipping lanes, port access channels, naval bases and privately operated underwater installations through continuous high-resolution mapping of the sea-bed using a towed synthetic aperture sonar (T-SAS) deployed by a service vessel.

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