The Netherlands: Fairstar Orders Two Octopus-Onboard Systems for Its Newbuild Heavy Lift Vessels


The Dutch company Fairstar Heavy Transport has ordered two OCTOPUS-Onboard systems for the two new build semi-submersible heavy lift vessels MV Forte and the MV Finesse. Fairstar Heavy Transport NV is the leading provider of marine heavy transport solutions involving high-value cargoes for the offshore energy and construction industries.

The Forte is planned for delivery in the first half of 2012. The Finesse is expected to be delivered around October 2012. The two vessels will be a more then welcome addition to the existing fleet, the Fjell and Fjord.

The vessels will be equipped with OCTOPUS-TMS-3, which is a part of the OCTOPUS-Onboard functionality. TMS-3 is used for real-time measurement of ship motions, velocities and accelerations in any virtual sensor location. In this way operational limits and critical conditions can clearly be identified.


Source: Amarcon, May 27, 2011.