The Netherlands: Fugro Takes Delivery of State of the Art Seizmic Vessel

Recently, Fugro took delivery of the seismic survey vessel M/V Geo Coral. The vessel which is owned by Fugro is the final C-class vessel in the series of four delivered to Fugro since 2007.

Geo Coral which is one of the largest and most advanced seismic vessels ever built was outfitted at Bergen Yards in Norway.

Geo Coral is designed to operate worldwide in the most challenging offshore areas, and is capable of towing 16 seismic streamers. The C-class vessel design allows for deployment of the largest possible spread of seismic streamers which are considered essential for efficiency when performing geophysical exploration on large prospects in the “high end” market segment.

Please see Fugro-Geoteam’s website for technical specifications on Geo Coral.


Source: Fugro, August 30, 2010,