The Netherlands: Vos Prodect’s Dynamic Simulation Cable Protectors Model

In order to get a better understanding the effects of the forces, from waves and currents, on the well developed Cast Iron Cable Protectors over the lifetime, Vos Prodect asked Hogeschool Windesheim to build a simulation model of their cable protectors.

The model had to be able to perform both static and dynamic simulations, based on finite element analysis. After succesfull validation of the model, a great number of different scenarios has been calculated, simulating different forces from the moving seawater on the cable protectors.

Prime focus was the investigation of fatigue and erosion. The simulations show that in both aspects, the Vos Prodect Cable Protectors perform very well. During the lifetime of the protectors (20 years) fatigue or erosion will never cause damage to the protectors.

Press Release, August 15, 2012