The world’s leading exhibition and conference for maritime electrification, decarbonization and GHG reduction solutions returns to Amsterdam!

Taking place at the Amsterdam RAI in the Netherlands, June 18, 19 & 20, the event will host over 200 exhibitors, including industry leaders such as ABB, Rolls-Royce Solutions, Volvo Penta, Wärtsilä, Zinus and Speedgoat. View the full exhibitor list here.

Alongside the exhibition is a world-leading conference featuring over 40 speakers, plus a separate conference on autonomous ship technology.

This is a global event for suppliers and engineers of electric and hybrid and autonomous marine systems to meet and discuss a more sustainable future and the technologies that will make it happen. Throughout the event, there will be plenty of networking opportunities to meet new suppliers and reconnect with industry peers.

Fast-track your fleet’s move to more sustainable operations by attending the world’s leading event for marine electrification, decarbonization, hybridization, future fuels, shore charging and low-carbon shipping solutions. Entrance to the exhibition is FREE of charge – just visit the event website to register for your entry pass: Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe 2024 | Home (

The show is ideal for companies ranging from small regional ferry fleet operators keen to reduce costs, through to international shipowners and operators wanting to learn more about tomorrow’s propulsion solutions, as well as boat builders and engine makers concerned about the latest emissions legislation. The event brings together R&D experts and engineers from across the marine sector, providing one of the best networking opportunities of the year.

The three-day conference program (for which rates apply) will bring together attendees from around the world to listen to over 40 expert maritime engineering and academic speakers from organizations including DNV, GE Power Conversion, Port of Amsterdam, Polish Register of Shipping, Rolls-Royce, the Maersk McKinney Moller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, Wärtsilä Marine, Shell Marine and Vard Group.

Key highlights include a presentation from Elias Boletis, chair of the CIMAC Working Group 10. The working group provides a link between shipowners and the equipment manufacturers for the marine sector, and Elias’s presentation – The challenges to ship owners in the decarbonization process, and the responsibilities of equipment manufacturers – will unpick questions about the drivers of technological progress toward decarbonization in the marine sector. Are they pulled along by demand from shipowners or pushed forward by equipment manufacturers? What are the implications of either approach? Which would be best and should either do more of the same, less or something entirely different? This is a must-see presentation for any shipowner, OEM or equipment manufacturer who wants to understand how the technology enters the market and is applied to shipping.  

Another feature of the show is an area for autonomous ship technology, which has its own conference program where ship designers, classification societies, fleet owners, naval architects, research organizations and equipment suppliers will discuss the developments needed to make autonomous operation a reality and improve efficiency.

The expo will also host the revamped Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards, with a host of categories to better reflect the scale of innovation across the maritime propulsion industry.

At this year’s expo, Volta Future will present a revolutionary e-outboard with 222kW (300hp) continuous power and 790Nm. The next-gen e-outboard is called iWOP, which stands for invisible waterline outboard power-drive.

The housing of the iWOP is much more compact than classic outboard housings and contains two specially developed, high-performance electric motors together with a directly cooled double inverter. Unlike other outboards on the market, the iWOP can be mounted not only on boats with transom (outboard) but also on boats with (normally) inboards instead of the sterndrive, enabling the provision of a bathing platform instead of an engine housing.

EPTechnologies will showcase solid-state batteries, which the company says represent a significant advance in battery technology. Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries, which use liquid electrolytes, solid-state batteries do not. This fundamental difference enhances safety, cycle life and overall performance. They can be overcharged, heated to extreme values and even punctured with a projectile with no ill effects.

This opens new possibilities for applications. For instance, EPTechnologies can develop batteries equipped with a hardware override switch to bypass all electronic control systems if necessary. As overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits and similar issues have minimal impact other than reducing battery life, users can be assured of accessing the power they need, regardless of the situation.

At Autonomous Ship Expo, Wavefront Systems will present its new Vigilant 600 forward-looking sonar (FLS). Complementing the company’s Vigilant 1000 and 1500 systems, it allows autonomous surface and subsurface vessels to transform their underwater situational information.

The provision of real-time navigational and obstacle avoidance data to onboard or remotely controlled systems enables safer operations in unfamiliar or dynamic environments by dramatically reducing the risk of collisions or grounding. Patented technology capable of depth-finding at ranges ahead of the vehicle in excess of 20 times the prevailing water depth, combined with real-time data on poorly charted seabed features and water column obstacles, enables reactive navigational autonomy.

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