Safe Zephyrus; Source: Prosafe

Third unit in Prosafe’s fleet starts work off Brazil

Offshore accommodation provider Prosafe has met its previously announced timeline for the start of operations of its third semi-submersible vessel offshore Brazil. This unit is providing safety and maintenance support to Petrobras, a Brazilian state-owned energy giant.

Safe Zephyrus; Source: Prosafe

Back in November 2022, Prosafe was declared the winner of a bidding process launched by Petrobras for the provision of the Safe Zephyrus semi-submersible unit while a potential contract award and its timing were subject to a formal process during which other bidders had an opportunity to appeal.

Following the expiration of this period, a contract with a firm period commitment of 650 days, valued at approximately $73 million – equivalent to $112,500 per day – was awarded in December 2022. The Safe Zephyrus unit was expected to start mobilisation to Brazil after the conclusion of its contract with BP in the North Sea, after a contract extension from September 2022.

In an update on Wednesday, 3 May 2023, Prosafe confirmed that the Safe Zephyrus semi-submersible vessel for safety and maintenance support had, as planned, embarked on the firm commitment period of 650 days on 30 April 2023 offshore Brazil with Petrobras.

Jesper K. Andresen, CEO of Prosafe, remarked: “Prosafe set a goal of commencing contract with Petrobras on 1 May 2023, and this has been successfully achieved early. This success is a testament to the capabilities and focus of the organisation with collaboration between the North Sea and Brazil business units, and we look forward to a successful operational contract period.”

According to the company, contract and regulatory compliance scopes were performed en route to and whilst in Brazil in preparation for operations, ensuring that the Safe Zephyrus unit could efficiently begin its contract. This vessel is joining two other units offshore Brazil, after Prosafe won a couple of other tenders with Petrobras last year, resulting in a four-year contract for the provision of the Safe Notos as well as a four-year contract for the provision of the Safe Eurus unit.

The 2016-built Safe Zephyrus, a sister vessel to the Safe Boreas, was constructed at Jurong Shipyard, Singapore, to the GVA 3000E design and is equipped with a DP3 system and 12-point wire mooring arrangement. This vessel has a large open deck area of more than 1,000 m2 and two 50-tonne cranes.

Regarding Prosafe’s recent activities, it is worth noting that the company is on the lookout for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), as its current one decided to resign after more than six years in the role.