THURN adds SL40 autonomous survey vessel to its fleet

THURN Group has acquired a new SL40 autonomous survey vessel from OceanAlpha.


The 1.6 meter vessel will be equipped with 40Ah of Lithium Polymer batteries for up to 10 hour endurance at survey speeds, with waterjet propulsion, data and control telemetry, a video monitoring system, collision avoidance sensors, and USV mission planning software.

THURN’s Marine Robotics and Autonomy Product Development group at Acle, in UK, has purchased the SL40 for integration with a range of sonar systems.

The SL40 USV complements THURN’s airborne rotocopter drones, which can carry small sonar and other sensors on short autonomous missions to inaccessible and denied areas.

Tom Hiller, general manager at THURN, said: “We have been working with OceanAlpha on system integrations for a while now, and I’m looking forward to getting one of their mid-range vessels at the Acle base so we can look at new ways to provide our customers with better survey capabilities in inland waters. Already we see synergies between swath surveys using the SL40 while a rotocopter drone from THURN does the SV dips. We are now reaching out to sonar manufacturers: if you have a solution that addresses a nearshore, river or lake challenge, and are interested in your sensors being part of an airborne or surface autonomous system, then please get in touch with the team at Acle.”

Sam Li, sales manager at OceanAlpha, said: “We are excited to work with THURN. Our autonomous systems provide excellent value to our customers, especially when combined with THURN’s rich experience in system integration, product development and sales and service. Through this partnership with THURN we are expanding the global autonomous system markets and applications, improving safety, efficiency and accuracy.”