Tidal apt Gen3 energy storage machine unveiled by redT

UK-based energy storage solutions company redT energy has launched its third generation (Gen 3) flow machine that can be coupled with tidal energy generators to store energy.

Illustration (Photo: Pixabay/Creative Commons CC0)

Featuring a new, proprietary system design, with multiple patents filed, the new product is said to offer improved charge/discharge characteristics and increased efficiency within a more compact format, according to redT.

The Gen 3 machine has been specifically engineered as a high performance, distributed energy infrastructure asset, designed to unlock low cost, renewable energy for commercial customers, utility scale grid projects and off-grid operations.

RedT’s energy storage machines of third generation are optimized for industrial applications requiring 100kW to 2MW of power and 4 to 6 hours energy capacity – making the technology ideal for coupling with renewable assets including solar, wind and tidal to maximize the use of renewable energy and reduce energy costs, according to the company.

Accordingly – redT energy was recently selected to be the primary energy storage technology provider for a large-scale tidal generation project in the UK – known as the MIDAS Project.

Short for Marine energy Integrated with smart Distribution and Storage – the MIDAS project will seek to demonstrate the technical and financial feasibility of using tidal energy plus energy storage to provide reliable and renewable baseload energy.

The technology to be supplied by redT energy for the project will be a Gen 3 product, the company said earlier.

According to redT, the Gen 3 product also has specific designed functionality integrated within the system to enhance grid scale storage returns for energy trading and grid services.