Tidal Flyer’s tidal power innovation as solution for off-grid areas

Irish R&D company Tidal Flyer has set focus on bringing its tidal power system on market by pursuing smaller-scale tidal and river energy generation for use in remote off-grid areas.


Initial market studies show there is large potential across Asia, as well as some regions within Europe and North America for these small-scale devices to provide electricity to remote communities, according to the company.

Studies undertaken by Black & Veatch and Exceedence have focused on the commercial viability of the system, and Tidal Flyer is now collaborating through Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) project to expand on that for multiple system sizes.

The video below summrises the development of Tidal Flyer from its concept to the work the company is doing with MEA under the Interreg North West Europe programme, advancing both the technical and commercial aspects of this efficient, disruptive technology.

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