Tidal lagoons present opportunity for UK mineral development

The proposal for constructing several tidal energy lagoons in the UK could provide opportunities for the mineral products sector over the medium term.

According to the Mineral Products Association (MPA), the projects are likely to generate significant demand for a range of UK mineral products, not only during their construction, but also during the resulting regeneration activity that is likely to take place as a consequence.

The regeneration activities include housing, commerce, leisure and industrial development. MPA provides an example of the 1.2 km long Cardiff Bay Barrage, where initial GBP 200 mln construction investment served as an incentive for further GBP 2 bln worth of regeneration activity.

Nigel Jackson, Chief Exectuve of MPA, said: “Given the desire for half the capital expenditure of these projects to take place in Wales and 65 pecent in the UK, the mineral products sector and the wider supply chain it supports should be well placed to make a substantial contribution towards their success.

“The sheer scale of these projects also means that the wider regeneration opportunities that can be expected to follow could provide further opportunities for the mineral products sector over the medium term.”

The Mineral Products Association (MPA) is the trade association for the aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete, dimension stone, lime, mortar and silica sand industries.

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Image: MPA/Illustration