Tidetec grabs Norwegian patent for tidal turret

Tidetec has been granted a new Norwegian patent covering the newest turret solution for tidal energy applications.

The patent, granted on October 16, 2017, represents one of more patents covering the turret solution that optimizes two way production and pumping in tidal barriers and lagoons, Norwegian tidal energy developer Tidetec said.

The patent application has gone further to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for worldwide intellectual property (IP) protection.

Joachim Amland, CTO at Tidetec, said: “We know that we are breaking new ground here – but it is always good to get it confirmed through a formal patent grant. In addition – we know that we need to protect our technology as solid as possible. This will have a significant impact on the tidal barrage market once the power plants get going.”

To remind, the initial engineering for Tidetec’s turret solution was completed early in 2017.

After that, the company started testing the scale bi-directional turbine model at the Technical University of Munich, which was designed to fit into Tidetec’s turret.

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