Photo: Courtesy of Titan LNG

Titan LNG bunkers Sefarina LPG carrier in Rotterdam

Titan LNG, a Dutch supplier of LNG to the marine and industrial markets in Europe, has completed yet another LNG bunkering operation at the Port of Rotterdam.

Titan LNG bunkers Sefarina LPG carrier in Rotterdam
Courtesy of Titan LNG

The company’s FlexFueler 001 bunkered Sefarina LPG carrier with liquefied natural gas.

The operation was completed in cooperation with Chemgas Shipping and Shell Pernis Holding, the company said in a brief statement through its social media channels.

FlexFueler 001 started operations in June 2019, and is designed to have a fixed location to supply inland waterway vessels, but can also be navigated to larger sea-going vessels.

The FlexFueler001 is part of a series of vessels. The sister vessel, FlexFueler 002 will be deployed in the Port of Antwerp. The company also plans to build the 8000-cbm Titan Hyperion, a mothership that will resupply its FlexFuelers.