TLP Secures Grid Connection for Cardiff Tidal Lagoon

Tidal Lagoon Power (TLP) has secured the grid connection for a 3,240MW capacity Cardiff Tidal Lagoon expected to generate among the cheapest electricity of all new power stations built in the UK.

Tidal Lagoon Power’s chief executive, Mark Shorrock, said: Today we have secured the grid connection for a tidal power station equal in installed capacity to Hinkley Point C. Looking at the pounds per megawatt hour unit cost of new build power stations, nuclear is currently priced in the nineties, the latest offshore wind projects are expected to drop into the seventies and our models show Cardiff Tidal Lagoon beating them all in the sixties.

“What’s more, by leveraging the commanding position taken by UK industry preparing for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, the supply chain contracts awarded for Cardiff Tidal Lagoon will be worth more than £6 billion to UK companies.”

Current plans for Cardiff Tidal Lagoon, located between Cardiff and Newport, comprise a 20.5 km breakwater wall housing up to 108 tidal lagoon turbines within at least two powerhouse units.

By enclosing approximately 70 km2 of the Severn Estuary, the project would pass an average of some 600 million cubic meters of water through its turbines on each tidal cycle, more than 11 times the volume of water available to the pathfinder at Swansea Bay.

Debbie Wilcox, leader of Newport City Council said: “This exciting new project is fantastic news for our city and our partners in the Cardiff Capital Region. It represents a massive boost in confidence in the region and the promise of cleaner, cheaper power and thousands of jobs is very welcome. We wish Tidal Lagoon Power all the best in pulling together such a successful project.”