TMT ROV to Support Drilling Ops Off Vietnam

A Total Marine Technology (TMT) Typhoon MK2 heavy work class ROV has been contracted to provide drill support for Viet Gazprom aboard the Deepsea Metro 1 drillship.

Before the installation the structure of the ROV, deck had to be upgraded to accommodate the specifications of the TMT Typhoon MK2 ROV and deployment equipment.

TMT engineering and fabrication staff designed, fabricated and installed everything required to adapt the deck for the new ROV.

Senior Structural Engineer at TMT, Ashkan Shekarlab, said: “The exciting part is that it’s the shortest ROV installation for TMT ever. Two weeks is very good for this kind of spread…. the usual turnaround time is about three. But we had the experience and people who could do the job.”

A team of nine from TMT went to Vung Tau in Vietnam for the deck upgrade. According to TMT, final testing of the Typhoon MK2 ROV is currently underway and will be in service for Viet Gazprom very soon.