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WaveEL wave energy device (Photo: Waves4Power)

Tidal Energy Today brings you a summary of interviews with the representatives of tidal and wave energy companies conducted in 2016.

Skepticism – the greatest concern for UK wave energy sector

Tidal Energy Today talked with Ulf Lindelöf, CEO of the Sweidsh wave energy company Waves4Power, about the deployment of the WaveEL wave energy device off Norway, as well as the wave energy sector in general, with particular focus on the UK wave energy sector, as the company has plans to deploy its devices there in the future.

Government support essential to industrialize tidal

Brendan Corr, Chief Commercial Officer at OpenHydro, provided us with an insight into what is necessary to accelerate the commercialization of the emerging tidal energy sector. Corr also talked about OpenHydro’s tidal energy projects, technology, and future expectations when it comes to tidal energy sector development.

“The role of governments to implement consistent and coherent policies remains essential in bringing tidal energy to industrial scale. We need a clear support framework, similar to that provided to the solar and wind industries which allowed them to progressively reduce their cost of energy,” said Brendan Corr.

OpenHydro turbine (Photo: DCNS)

HF4 to lead the way for cost effective tidal O&M services

Richard Parkinson, Operations Director of James Fisher Marine Services, shared his experiences in tidal energy industry, as well as his views on the future development of the sector.

Parkinson spoke about the importance of using the appropriate vessel when conducting operations in environments with strong tidal flows, putting a focus on on the HF4 vessel, designed specifically for wave and tidal operations, James Fisher is developing with Voith Hydro.

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